Sunning in Majorca Like a Movie Star

by Pamela Sucharat

Are you trying to find the best get-away for your entire family? Are you in search for that destination that has an ambiance perfect for family getaways? A place perhaps where you can choose between a lot of recreation for your family. You would be delighted to find out that Majorca's various attractions match such criteria. One can maximise the experience in Majorca by visiting during summer. Its wild landscape and natural beauty provide a great location to explore with your family. Indeed, Majorca holds a place of importance in terms of cultural and natural significance, but it is also a child-friendly island with plenty of adventures for them to experience.

Various Attractions in Majorca

For starters, you will not find it a problem to look for accommodation as Majorca plays host to many hotels of varying sixe and luxury. Beaches abound throughout the island, making it an ideal location for a wonderful family holiday. Capitalising on that demand are many resorts and establishments that have been established on the beaches of Majorca. Just off the shorelines of Majorca are turquoise-colored waters teeming with marine life, straddled by stretches of golden sand. There are many child-oriented activities one could undertake on Majorca, like golf and pony rides. There are also Majorcan hotels rich in antiques and art, where ultimate gourmet dining highlights your luxury holiday. There are many other attractions aside from the beach in Majorca, like exotic clifftop villages and high mountains that an adventurer could climb for a day. One great idea for a family outing is a coast-hugging boat tour that terminates in Formentor, where you can find lookout points from which you could look out into the sea. Finally, if you want a place where you could purchase souvenirs for the people back at home, you should head to Playa de Muro and its Saturday market.

In addition, you could also check these attractions while staying at Majorca.

- artists villages of Deya and Valldemossa, which are located in unexpected locations.

- A host of Gothic-designed cathedrals at Palma, the island capital.

- cosmopolitan shopping

- stylish restaurants

- Visit Cave of Drach, where you can find limestone stalagmites and stalactites as well as Martel Lake, an underwater lake.

- Majorca's glorious mountain sceneries between Plam and Soller

- Travel to Puerto Soller from the town of Soller, and witness citrus groves, as well as a vibrant marina in the port itself.

The best family holidays in Majorca are possible only when you make the right choices, but you can be assured that your stay in the island is sure to be unforgettable with the many attractions and accommodatioi choices you could choose from.

We know now that your family's preferred sunny destination is Majorca, but you can also try long stay holidays to Gran Canaria the next year - as it is not only about long days of beach bumming, but is also about al fresco dining and unforgettable sunburns as well.

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