Sunset Cruise

We'll depart Gulf Harbors in New Port Richey, FL about 2 hours before sunset.  After a brief cruise down the channel we head for the open Gulf.  We will sail toward the setting sun (wind permitting, after all, or as near the sundown path as we are able to).

We'll happily heave to (crusing term that means stop for a while) so that you can leap overboard and swim.

Likelihood is you may just be lucky sufficient to see that well-known but elusive "emerald eye", a green flash as the sun dips within the ocean.

You will then have the expertise of returning to the dock within the dark. Don't worry our sailboats have LOTS of lights! We also have state-of-the-artwork GPS, so we should not get lost in the dark.

As an elective additional, you may order choice of platters to compliment your cruise. Or you may bring your personal snacks, we do not mind. Bring your individual drinks (alcohol is most definitely allowed and encouraged....might we now have the leftovers once docked??)

View our sunset gallery for photos of previous sunset cruises.