The Benefits Of Joining A Discount Travel Club

by Ladonna Franklin

A discount travel club is an established organization made up of corporations and individuals who join together to create an affiliation. Retailers in the travel industry, from resorts and hotels to airlines and travel agencies use such clubs to promote their products. Because these are essentially free advertising strategies, the individual establishments can offer discounted rates to their members.

Most individuals who join such organizations do so because of the flexibility they offer. Typically, members can choose from thousands of resorts and hotels at which to stay when vacationing. All-inclusive options are frequently available as well.

There are several types of clubs available from which one can choose. These include those that promote luxury vacations or clubs that focus on adventure trips. The one selected will ultimately depend on the member's needs and desires with regard to traveling. Virtually anyone who is of legal age and competent to sign a contract can join such club.

There is a vast array of benefits associated with such memberships. Some involve free trip offers, which one can earn each year. Such trips may include cruises, all expense paid tours or even international travel. In some instances, additional benefits are involved, such as discounts at certain restaurant chains or other establishments the member chooses to visit, whether or not he or she is on vacation at the moment.

Most organizations of this type send out newsletters each month, as well as invite their members to sign up on exclusive forums for the purpose of learning about different options offered by the club. The majority of clubs also honor their members' birthdays by sending e-mails to them which contain exclusive offers for cruises or vacations that are deeply discounted. Sometimes, discounted traveler's insurance is also provided, although not all clubs offer this optional benefit.

Discount memberships for travelers usually operate in a similar way to that of airline mileage reward programs. For example, the more frequently an individual travels, the more he or she can save. Vacationers who spend a significant amount of time globetrotting can often save up to 75% each year on general vacation packages.

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous clubs from which a person can choose. For example, travelers may be interested in organizations that cater to Senior citizens, married couples or single members. There are even certain clubs that cater to disabled individuals.

Hobby-specific travel clubs are also available, such as ski or golf memberships. Exclusive memberships of this type also exist. These include discount cruise clubs or clubs for RV owners. In today's modern world, a membership can be found to suit virtually any vacationing style.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of a discount travel club should thoroughly research any organization he or she is considering before signing any paperwork. Ambivalence in the contract or pressure from a salesperson to join on the spot should be regarded as red flags by the prospective buyer. While most establishments of this kind are legitimate, unscrupulous clubs do exist, the latter of which do not typically hold up their end of the bargain. When a reputable club is selected, however, members can enjoy receiving discounts on their future vacations.

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