The Best Of Thai Food & Culture

by Ployta Panya

You may have read some of our previous write-ups. If so, you'll be aware of how Thai cuisine's fast growing popularity of late. The country in south-east Asia has given the world dishes that are quickly becoming a staple of of restaurant and pubs dining menu's. So, in this article we hope to celebrate Thai cuisine and bring some less appreciated facts about Thailand to your attention.

Tucked beside Vietnam and Malaysia, Thai's are proud to call themselves children from 'The land of the free'. That's due to the fact that while colonialists from Europe, particularly the UK, Spain and France, took hold in nearby countries, Thailand remained independent. Perhaps this is the sole reason behind Thailand's range of unique spices and tastes.

Famed for their hospitality. Thai people are regarded as some of the warmest people on Earth. In polls from a number of travel guides the natives of Thailand have been found to be the most welcoming in gracious. Writing for Maclean's magazine, Chris Robinson shares a story of meeting a Thai shortly after his arrival. Shortly, thereafter Chris went onto to be introduced to the family temple and to meet his family - all without a common language.

So what of Thai cuisine? Thai food is unique because it blends a series of spice, sweet and sour tastes provoked by lemon grass, chilis and garlic. Another pillar of Thai cuisine is rice, notably jasmine rice, and you'll discover this complimenting many dishes. So, should you ever be lucky enough to visit Thailand - or an authentic Thai food restaurant - your daily menu may look a little like this; Chok for breakfast and variations of fish curry for lunch and dinner.

We thank you for your time and hope you have found this article informative. Thai caterers in Swindon are here to celebrate and bring authentic Thai food to you. For more information about Thai food and our services please contact us. We are more than happy to help!

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