The journey is more important than the destination

by Aisha E. Bibian

There is a stylishness that differentiates some from others. For some it is their clothes, for others it is how they behave, while for a few it is what they ride in.

It was just over one hundred years ago that the automobile was first mass produced by Henry Ford, yet in such a short time we have grown accustomed to owning a automobile that it is now considered to be essential in many regions of the world and particularly in American and Canadian cities such as Seattle, Montreal and Toronto.

Various automobile brands have been conceived to cater to the different preferences of the public. Some manufacturers such as Jaguar target those who want luxury, while other car companies such as Ford and Honda cater to those who require an inexpensive mode of transportation that is affordable. Still others go a step beyond, they demand the ultimate extravagance when it comes to their travel needs. Those are the ones that choose stylish limousines as their primary method of travel.

It was not long ago that limousines became popular in cities across Canada and the US. Initially it was frequently rented for weddings to carry the bride and groom from Church to the wedding hall where the wedding service is to take place. As limos became popular, new companies started providing limo hiring services to the public, which consequently made it more affordable. Suddenly, it was not just weddings anymore, other occasions such as anniversaries, proms, bachelor parties and exclusive occasions started benefiting from limousine rental services to impress guests during their travels.

In many cities throughout the US and Canada, there are a number of yearly events that involve limo transport. In Toronto, events such as the Toronto International Film Festival bring movie stars to town. While attending motion picture reviews and extravagant gala evenings most choose to be seen traveling in a limousine, thus raising demand for Toronto limos. In other cities such as Montreal, the annual Formula 1 race brings fast cars, superstars and tourists from many parts of the world, and they too travel in elegant style in their SUV and super stretch limousines.

The extent of this trend spreads beyond weddings, graduations and movie stars. Some companies, looking for luxury transportation options for their corporate executives have started to use limos as their primary mode of travel. The setup is beneficial as it generally saves their executive's time and effort, thus allowing them to focus on the company's objectives.

Conversely, it is becoming more common for students to rent a limousine on their birthdays. Most enjoy the attention ,flair and elegance of getting picked up by the driver then getting dropped off at the restaurant. Some even have a theme night by going to the cinema or a play. It is a great and fun way to enjoy both the height of culture, friendship and entertainment while traveling in class and comfort.

Transportation has become more than just a way of getting from one location to another. It is a means of showing grandeur ,style and elegance, a way to be noticed, and a proclamation to be made about who you are. The journey has become just as thrilling, and even more important, than the destination.

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