The World's Most Amazing 5 City Dining Views

by Paul Kent

Sometimes a skyline view can take your breath away. The same might be said of a restaurant dish that pleasures the palate. Bring these two elements together and add a little 'jus ' and you have something extraordinarily special. Not a great deal of restaurants would be able to pull diners eyes away from these outlooks and towards the plate but these five restaurants somehow manage to just do that. Each is located in a city that's globally famed for its cuisine, yet these eateries find a way to stand out by brilliantly complimenting the top flight views with top-flight food. Artfully built to work together with their city surroundings these five restaurants are the perfect fusion of location and passion. So chill out and enjoy the feast. Dining gifts not just for your taste buds.

The Loeb Boathouse Central Park, New York

The perfect Valentines Day destination. Nowhere in New York is more romantic than Central Park in snowfall. Almost every seat in this restaurant (and the small free standing bar) has a view across The Lake. When reserving, be absolutely sure to request a "front row" alongside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Being New York, the signature Boathouse burger is hard to beat.

Oxo Tower Restaurant & Brasserie, London

You have to be doing something truly unique in the kitchen to be able to match these views across the Thames toward St Paul's Cathedral and the City. Constant invention has been the main ingredient to success at this London dining establishment. Combining a up to date twist on classic UK cuisine with the expertise of the Harvey Nichols team this is a must-visit gourmet destination.

Le Jules Verne, Paris

Does it get any more French? Ignore the indisputable fact that Alain Ducasse is now a resident of Monaco. Perched on the second level of the famous Eiffel Tower with unique sights of Paris, a menu that celebrates the country's culinary traditions and a cook that's synonymous with the French (gastronomic) Revolution. Jules Verne is the apex of Parisian cuisine. Just be certain to book a table online at least a quarter of a year ahead.

Aria, Sydney

Nesting on an imposing harbour with top class beaches, Sydney is a place built to delight. With its views across both the Harbour Bridge and directly opposite the Opera House Aria does that. Matt Moran's restaurant has been a landmark for over 10 years thanks not only to its sights but outstanding food, conscientious service and one of the most comprehensive wine-lists in the city.

Felix, Hong KongHong Kong

Situated on the 28th floor of the Peninsula Hotel and created by Philippe Starck this restaurant is spectacular. Sweeping views across Hong Kong's neon skyline and Kowloon are superbly displayed by floor-to-ceiling windows while the up to date menu makes elegant use of its proximity to the ocean. Book a table early and enjoy unmatched sights of Hong Kong's nightly 8pm laser and light show.

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