Things To Do In St. Augustine, Florida

by Francene Gollnick

St. Augustine is one of the most historic cities in Florida. Just walking along city's main thoroughfares, one would already be able to see a good number of spots that are reminiscent of the area's Hispanic past. While in the city though, it is indeed best that one first learns about the presence and location of the historic sites. This would make it easier for him to roam around and enjoy.

The Castillo de San Marcos should be one of the first historic sites to see. Just by reading the name, you would think that it is a lavish castle when actually it was once a Spanish military fort. This was built in order to set up a defense against pirates. Now, it is already developed as a tourist spot. To do this, improvements have been introduced and these have actually enticed more tourists to come and check the place.

It would be unfortunate if you miss the Lincolnville Historic District, another historic site in St. Augustine. The Lincolnville Historic District is basically an area that covers other historic sites that close to each other. Visitors often consider the Freedom Trail and the Excelsior School Museum of African American History as two of the most important spots here. The District actually features Civil Rights era events and places. If you want to learn more about this important chapter in history, visiting the District would really help.

St. Augustine is also the site of many top golfing competitions. This is made possible by the fact that this is where the best golf courses in the state of Florida happen to be located. These gold courses are kept green all year round. This can be done be done because Florida has sunshine for the whole year.

Golf is actually one of the most popular sports in St. Augustine. Of course, this is understandable because the place has some very good venues for the sport. It is because of this also that the city has managed to produce some very good golf players, with a number actually making it to the pros.

If you are going to St. Augustine, you might have a hotel reservation in mind. However, you could certainly make the vacation even more interesting by opting for a unique long-term rental unit. A vacation home rental is a fun way to spend time in St. Augustine. These also can actually be found near many golfing venues. You can even find long-term rentals adjacent to golf courses in St. Augustine.

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