Timeless Namibia

by Janice Ferguson

Outside of SA, Namibia is the simplest country in Southern Africa to go to visit and explore on a self-drive vacation. It is easy to see why Namibia is a sought-after destination to which visitors return often : it offers sunlight, a big variety of animal life, diverse breathtaking beauty and a rich selection of geological attractions. On top of this, the friendliness of its people and the well-developed infrastructure make it wonderful to visit.

Namibia has a changeless appeal for all those that live there, engendering an enthusiasm beyond logical reasoning, and a yearning to share this grand land with others. Time and time again, the country and its people grows on travellers - even explorers found themselves drawn to return despite all they'd suffered.

Namibia tours cast a spell that holds the traveller, and you'll never forget what you have experienced and seen. With nostalgia you'll always recall the overwhelming, haunting, soulfulness of the desert, the gigantic expanses of the south and the red dune belts of the Kalahari Desert. The rolling savannah of the central plateau and the wild bush country that stretches north towards the Capri Strip, where the country mystically unravels into lush rainforest embellishing the banks of raging rivers.

Northern Namibia is a massive outback with incredible perspectives, abounding game and colorful characters. Regions include Kaokoland, acknowledged as one of the wildest regions of Africa and the only desert region in the world where elephants, black rhino, lions and giraffes live , Etosha, considered one of the best wildlife viewing venues of the Earth as the majority of Africa's gigantic game species is located here in large numbers , and the Caprivi, a 400km piece of land stretching out like a finger along the great Zambezi to the border junction of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The central area of Namibia comprises the capital Windhoek, the Namib-Naukluft National Park, covering about fifty thousand square kilometers, and includes Sossusvlei and Sessriem, Naukluft, Namib section and Sandwich Harbor. The area of Sossusvlei isn't just marked by the highest sand dunes in the world, it's also the perfect place for all those who have already 'been there and done that', Swakopmund, a preferred vacation destination with a fascinating mix of Bohemian and German influences and exudes an environment of history and journey, Walvis Bay, and the close by Sandwich Harbour are known for their flocks of flamingos, Cape pelicans, and thousands of migrant water birds, Damaraland this lovely and desolate region has three unique features, some of the most varied geological phenomena on the continent, the richest rock art sites on earth and a number of systematic, highly adapted wildlife like the evasive desert elephant and the rare and endangered black rhino. The Desert Black Rhino thrives in Damaraland.

The southern area of Namibia contains the Fish River Canyon, the planet's second biggest canyon, Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, Luderitz, an almost surreal place and just outside the town lies the eerie ghost city of Kolmanskop, where the desert is steadily devouring it. The haunting view of houses filled with sand, is a sight that isn't simply forgotten, the Quiver Tree Forest was declared to be a nationwide monument in 1995. Some of the trees are between 2 hundred and three hundred years of age. It's a photographers dream.

Namibia experiences 2 main seasons : summer from Oct to April and winter from May to September. The summer period is characterized by huge rainfall between Jan and April, less so from October to Nov. Therefore the days are hot and sweltering with temperatures up to 40degrees C. The climate is more temperate along the coast and in the mountain regions. The winters are dry and daylight temperatures change from around 23 degrees C. Regardless of the season, the nights are cold and the thermometer can fall to 0.

The country is liberating in its harsh beauty, which will evoke your senses and captivate your soul. Like a coarse diamond waiting to be discovered in its ethereal magnificence, Namibia waits for its visitors and explorers to expose its haunting beauty.

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