Top Travel Tips Before Leaving for the Canaries

by Catherine McCulloch

Let's face it, we are all guilty of committing a few sins before embarking on a stint in the sun. Perhaps it's the sheer excitement of going away that makes us think we can get away with it, but most of the time, it's better to plan ahead to avoid any mishaps on the trip.

The Canaries are a popular choice of holiday destination for every generation, but in recent years it has become a particular favourite with school leavers and students who are looking for a party destination to relax, recover and let loose. The climate in the Canaries can mean only one thing - plenty of time in the sun in a swimsuit.

Increasing your exercise is the best way to lose the extra layers while maintaining a healthy diet. But try not to stress about your body too much as holidays are supposed to be relaxing and you can always wear a sarong to hide that stubborn cellulite you can't get rid of at the gym.

Family holidays can be a logistical nightmare; with so many family members to co-ordinate, so much to pack and so many people to please at all times, that it can sometimes seem more like hard work than a holiday. But there are some things that are easily forgotten when you head off on family holidays. First, everyone will assume that someone else is organising everything, so be sure to check that every member of the party has taken responsibility (or found someone else willing to) for their passport, their travel insurance and their travel to and from the airport.

The other error people often make when they go on a cheap package holiday is to forget that they will need spending money while they're away. This can result in a last minute trip to the currency exchange at the airport which rarely offers the best exchange rates. And finally, remember that one piece of hand baggage really does mean one and does not always include a handbag. Don't run up the costs of your cheap package holiday by having to check extra bags.

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