Tours And Trips To South America Can Be Found Under SA Vacations

by Andre Ferlo

Outstanding SA vacations can be found online. Tours and trips to South America offer more than either Australia or South Africa because a continent has more than a country. It offers a variety of geographical and cultural features that can be found nowhere else on Earth. The longest mountain range, the biggest river and the largest wetland in the world are only three of the extraordinary features found here. There are also signs of ancient civilizations that once flourished.

Change happens inexorably like the daily rising of the sun. This is illustrated for visitors to the ruins of the Inca, Aztec and Mayan civilizations. They stand, deserted in the natural environment around them, like mute signs of human vulnerability. However, the Spanish language flows around them like the waves that erode the earth. It was speakers of this language that brought the conquerors and the diseases that obliterated the old ways, replacing them with new ways.

Trips to this destination can include walks along ancient pathways used by people centuries ago when civilizations were run on foot power. Walkers scurried along like ants carrying food and supplies. The imagination of twenty-first century visitors can be stirred as they walk the same ways and marvel and the huge blocks of stone that were shifted and nicely cut to fit into place without cement and stand for centuries.

Mountains attract tourists for many different reasons. Some people enjoy the dramatic features and others feel compelled to scale up rock faces to the top. Perhaps the most compelling feature of mountainous territories is the space that they provide because houses cannot easily be built on mountain slopes. The Andes mountain range runs through twelve South American countries. It is the longest mountain range in the world, affording a treasure trove of tourist attractions.

Deserts have many of the scenic attributes of mountains, being wide, open and devoid of human interference. In addition they have innumerable interesting features such as the ways in which plants and animals do adapt to harsh conditions. Natural sculptures fashioned by wind and sun create a sense of wonder . When organized tours to deserts like the Atacama are undertaken tourists can revel in the contrast between comfort and harsh austerity.

In China there is belief that one has to walk on the Great Wall to have really lived. In the world at large a similar belief might apply to the Amazon river. It is fed by one of the greatest wetlands in the world, thought to have a major impact on the climate of the whole planet. Apparently tourists equipped with cameras and the latest protective gear find it something of a novelty to be stared at as rarities as they gaze themselves at primitive people.

South American countries like Argentina, Brazil Chile and Peru are well known and associated with rich textiles, the Rio Carnival, haciendas and proximity to Antarctica. This may obscure that fact that other destinations have a great deal to offer as well. Columbia has great cities like Medellin and there are fabulous landscapes in the Patagonia regions. From Ecuador one may visit the Galapagos islands and view rich flora, fauna and geological features.

SA vacations may be typed into a browser as a search term by people thinking of visiting Africa or Australia. Such places may have much to offer but can hardly compare with the wide range of possibilities suggested by sites that offer tours and trips to a large and unique continent.

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