Travel Safe and Smoothly With Flyclear

by Lyndsey Kaplan

Nowadays it seems as though it's such a hassle to fly. You must get to the airport in advance, pay to check even just one bag, and be subject to random pat downs and checks by the Transport Security Administration, better known as the TSA. Aside from the added security measures, ticket prices have gone through the roof, especially for international flights as the price of oil has gone up. This has discouraged a lot of people from flying. Get where you're going earlier and easier with Flyclear.

My parents have told me countless stories of when they've just made their flights. They left the house too late, or a large number of people were on line, or probably just hit some unexpected traffic. My dad said they did not missed a flight, but came very close on a whole lot of them. As my mother would suggest, not only did they never miss a flight, but more than once they were upgraded to first class since their seats were given away. I recall that happened to us too about 10 years ago, our flight was pushed back and we were upgraded.

In today's time you can't run late to planes like my parents did 30 years ago. If you're running late and don't leave at minimum an hour or two at the airport it is quite likely that you will not make your flight. With all the added security measures, going through to the gates can be nothing short of a small nightmare. With the product known as fly clear though, security actions don't have to be as difficult. You have the opportunity to be cleared before you even get up to security, therefore expediting the process.

Flyclear returns a little bit of enjoyment to flying. The company Clear Me has created a product though that is bringing enjoyment back to traveling. People will do anything these days to bring enjoyment back to flying. Less lines are dealt with at security and there is no question as to whether or not you're going to miss your flight. Flying should be as pleasant as possible so by cutting out the waiting time, you're saving time in the airport, giving yourself more time to pack or do last minute things at home before departing.

While security measures continue to get more restrictive over the years in airports, someday in the future they will create a way of streamlining it. By doing so more people will be encouraged to not only fly again, but also take more trips. An organized and quicker method will not only change airport security, but also make it more enjoyable for the rest of us.

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