Truly Enjoy Australian Travel by Campervan

by John Wright

A campervan holiday is always a great way to discover parts of Australia. While the East coast is home to some really attractive sights and towns, if you venture down to the South of Australia, you'll find some really incredible places that still have to be trashed by the crowds and progress that tourism brings.

One of these places is Whyalla, which is the biggest city in the Higher Spencer Gulf Area of Western Australia. Its location on the Western foreshores makes it an ideal place for cheap campervan hire australia, as its close to a wide range of attractions and natural wonders. While the city is relatively small, it is packed to the top with fun and adventurous things to do. It's also easily reached from Adelaide, found less than 400 kilometres away. Basically this means that you can pick up your campervan from the major city and then make a day of it as you travel across some of the nations most unique landscapes.

Whyalla is highly thought of as the spot where "the outback meets the sea". Not many would deny this title because as quickly as you arrive in town, you cannot help but notice the untouched outback landscape and the huge coastline breathtaking views which encapsulate the basis of the city. Whyalla actually is an ideal vacation location, as it is not only gorgeous, but also loaded in culture and heritage; a place where the locals will cause you to feel at home.

The very first thing you need to possibly do when you get into town is find yourself a place to remain (if you haven't already scheduled in advance). Popular caravan parks in the Whyalla region include the Foreshore Caravan Park and Whyalla Caravan Park. Both these parks offer snug accommodation that may meet the every need of you and your campervan. They're also acceptable to pretty much any budget and the great news is that you can enjoy beach front perspectives, right from your terribly window.

There's a sufficiency of local activities available for everyone to enjoy. The beaches, in particular the new Foreshore area, offer safe swimming and fishing, together with glorious BBQ and playground facilities. Otherwise, take a leisurely walk along one of the numerous walking tracks, located along the shore. The Flinders and Freycinet Lookout boasts spectacular perspectives of the Higher Spencer Gulf, Southern Flinders Range and Middleback Range in the West.

As you drive your campervan hire along the Northerly Coastline of Whyalla, you will come across Fitzgerald Bay. This pristine bay offers electrifying views of the Blue Gulf Waters and the Southern Flinders Range, so be sure to have your camera available. While driving along the coast you will additionally notice the Shingle Beach Ridges, a geographical phenomenon of stone ridge synthetic obstructions.

Driving your campervan around Australia will open your eyes to the beauty that's so prominent here. The natural marvels that surround you may leave you spell-bound in shock. Whyalla is a very wonderful place that should definitely be visited if you are in Australia's southern state. You will not be disappointed!

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