Using FlyClear to Fly Home From College

by Michael Osborne

My cousin just completed her summer classes in UCF, University of Central Florida. She has been attending class in Engineering and had just finished her term. Her mom and dad are living in Negril, Jamaica; so she has to travel by plane. Unfortunately, during the summer, there are many travelers; especially college kids like her. Luckily, her father suggested her to sign up for Flyclear.

When she first began her freshmen year at the college, she was extremely fatigued from the long lines and carrying heavy luggage. She called her father when she arrived at her room and told him how her flight was. After hearing this, he suggested she try to sign up for Flyclear next time. She had never heard of the business before and told him she would take it into consideration. After they finished their talk, she carried on unpacking her luggage.

I chatted with her on Facebook regularly and asked about how college was going. Sometimes she would answer with how tedious it was and sometimes she would not answer me; probably because of how much work she is getting. And when it is at the end of the semester, she would lose all communication and just focus on her exams. I wouldn't be shocked if she's burn-out.

In order to keep up with her major and earn more credits, she took a term in the summer months. I proposed that she should put it off because it was her first year, but she opted that she can take care of it. During the term, she crammed a science class and liberal arts class within a month. Before the summer program, she applied for a account with CLEAR for her departure back home. Soon after, she got her registration card and paid an activation fee on it.

At the end of the summer term, she went to Orlando Airport and walked to the CLEAR cube. There she presented the computer with her card, fingerprint, and rectal scan to identify her. When she went to the screening, a long line was in front of her which displeased. Then, she seen the CLEAR lane was vacant and used it to get by the long line and walk towards her gate. She was stoked on how swift CLEAR got her out so quickly.

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