Vacation Ideas For World Travelers

by Shari Swanson

Those planning a New Zealand vacation will discover that country has much to offer. There is a vast array of unique experiences awaiting those who travel to the Land of the Long White Cloud, as it is frequently referred to by New Zealand residents. The following are some excellent destination choices for those embarking upon such a trip.

Nestled on the island's north side in the centuries-old Tawa Forest is Tamaki Maora Village. As one of New Zealand's most cultural villages, tourists visiting this area have the opportunity to indulge in ancient rituals, view impressive displays of art, or take a guided tour of not only the village, but the surrounding landscape. Visitors can expect a warm welcome and they are typically allowed to view or participate in a vast array of traditional native rituals.

These include community dinners that are served every evening in the village. Fare is prepared underground over steaming hot stones. When the food is thoroughly cooked, it is served buffet style for guests and residents for a nominal fee. After dinner, tourists can indulge in war dances, stick games and Poi dancing, which is the country's national dance.

Rotoroa Island in Auckland is also a nice option for travelers to New Zealand. For over ten years the island was used as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation establishment run by the Salvation Army and was off limits to other visitors. However, the island has now been transformed into an arts and heritage center and is open to tourists. Vacationers can also choose from four beautiful beaches when visiting the island, all of which are equipped with barbecue and picnic facilities.

The Hawkes Bay Trails are also a favorite of many tourists. Located on the North Island, the trails offer great diversity for those who enjoy cycling. Some paths run along the coastline, while others take the cyclists inland to where wildlife and birds can be observed in their natural environment.

Because there are so many options available, a New Zealand vacation is not difficult to plan. One can make arrangements via the Internet or use the services of a traditional travel agency. Regardless of the venue one selects, his or her trip to New Zealand will likely never be forgotten.

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