Vacation Spots For You

by Robert Ranger

Our planet is an amazing place. It offers so many spots which you can visit to forget about all problems and simply relax. If you would like to go on vacations and relax in one of the greatest vacation places on our planet, this article is for you. In this post I want to share some information about some of the best vacation destinations where you will definitely enjoy your vacations. There you go:

1. Riviera Maya

Mexican Riviera Maya was developed at the Caribbean in Mexico. It contains one of the most incredible vacation destinations in the Americas including places like Playa del Carmen, charming small villages like Tulum as well as luxurious resorts such as Akumal. If you're longing for white sand beaches with crystal-clear water, you have to go there. You can enjoy perfect weather almost all year round (it's rainy in the rainy season, apart from that the weather is perfect), so you don't have to worry that you won't be able to enjoy the tropical weather.

Another advantage of this place is that it's quite affordable and it's simple to get there from most airports in the US, so it's suitable for a weekend trip. If you love the tropical weather, Riviera Maya is a spot for you. It's difficult to find many places close to the United States which are both reasonably inexpensive and still offer a very high standard of service.

2. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket lies in southern Thailand and is well-known for hundreds of extremely marvelous tropical islands. Phuket's climate is very hot and humid year round. Since it's one of the most popular among tourists vacation destinations of the Kingdom of Thailand, most locals speak at least basic English there (which may be a problem in less popular with tourists regions of the Kingdom of Thailand). Most people agree that it's one of the most incredible vacation destinations.

Thailand is a very inexpensive destination, so if you would like to save money while being on vacation, visiting Thailand is definitely a good idea. Bear in mind that first you have to pay to fly there, but once you get there enjoy meals which cost 2 bucks and nice $20 rooms!

3. Islands of Hawaii

What do I have to write about this place? It's a tourist mecca. It's quite hard to find places such as Hawaii on planet Earth where you can expect ideal weather year round, have all most important tourist facilities and be able to easily fly to the mainland US if you want. If you enjoy nature, Hawaii is for you. If you enjoy water activities, Hawaii is something for you. If you love the tropics, Hawaii is also for you. It would be hard to find people who wouldn't like to go on vacation to Hawaii if they were offered an opportunity to do it!

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