Various Methods Of Achieving Travels In Luxury In Peru

by Darcy Gautreau

The Andes, Inca trail and Amazon no longer have to be enjoyed with backpacks, sleeping bags and bad food. Those who prefer haute cuisine and five star residential experiences can enjoy the area in style. There are many different luxurious options in the area, all with their own possibilities. It's not difficult to find luxury in Peru, and many different trips offer it.

Even the most extreme traveler finds the Amazon a harsh territory to face. The insect life is abundant, walks can be hard and the weather is often unbearable on a long hiking trip. In Peru, the rain forest outskirts are relatively less plentiful in terms of insects and the Amazon is now available for luxury travelers on a cruise.

The Amazon is an exquisite area of the world, and visitors have the opportunity to truly go where no man has been before. The region is remote and dense with life. Viewed in five star style with white tablecloth dining, it's even more enjoyable.

Peruvian cooking is seen as one of the best pleasures in the cuisine world and is likely to feature in much of the dining in the area. On the Tahuayo river there are many fishermen, and tourists may get the opportunity to join them. In the rainforest there's usually the opportunity to catch a piranha, and this river has many of them.

There's much bird life in the area, and the sloth will be seen by those who look carefully enough. Visitors will be able to spot more wildlife later on their trip as they become used to the scenery. Pink dolphins, however, won't be difficult to spot and can be seen at the Iguana Islands.

There are many iguanas, as the name suggests, at the Iguana Islands. There are also river dolphins there. The locals think the pink and grey dolphins become human at night and walk into the village to steal the good looking women and men from the tribes.

Endangered otters can be seen in the midst of Peru's Amazon jungle. There are also many species of monkeys. All are native to their own specific areas, but can be seen in Peruvian branches off the Amazon river. Alligators also live near to the river.

The Inca trail supplies a trip more tightly based on history, and can be done with luxury. This famed trip gives an experience of many archaeological sites and the Andes. Comfortable tents housing beds can be provided and some tour operators serve fine cuisine and champagne.

The Inca trail is preceded by a tour around Cuzco's Sacred Valley. There are quite a few Inca ruins here, some of which are residential and others religious. The cloud forest will be traversed on the first day. This is an area close to the mountains that has many clouds at the level of the tree canopy.

The toughest part of the walk is Dead Woman's Pass, which will be undertaken during the initial few days. The ruins of Rucurucay will be the reward, but Machu Picchu, the most spectacular ruin, will be seen by the end of the first week. Luxury in Peru isn't difficult to find, even for travelers looking for adventure.

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