Visit Greece to see the Ancient Olympic Sites

by Steve Alexander

Although there are a great many Olympic sites to visit in Greece, holidays are also for relaxing! Ayia Napa is a perfect destination for relaxation after trekking around all of the Ancient Olympic Games ruins. Popping from Greece to Cyprus couldn't be easier, and you'll be glad you did once you're basking in the sun on one of the island's glorious beaches.

Relays, swimming and even beach volleyball are all really easy to arrange if you're feeling inspired after taking in all of the Olympic history in Greece. You and your friends could recreate some of the sports while you're at the beach, which is sure to be a lot of fun. As one of the party islands, Ayia Napa is the perfect place to blow off steam once evening sets in.

While choosing a hotel to spend your vacation in, it's important to consider everything you want to get out of it. Do you want it by the ocean? Close to all the Olympic attractions? Or are you easily pleased as long as it has a hotel beach bar? One lovely choice is the Christofinia Hotel in Ayia Napa, which is a three star resort, located a mere 200 metres from Nissi Beach.

The resort offers a huge variety of water sports, including speed boats, parachutes, water skiing, wind surfing, scuba diving if you're looking for more than just lazing at the beach and pool all day. Bungee jumping is available for those who are daring enough if you head away from the water and want to try a more extreme activity.

You don't have to go far at night if you want some entertainment as the hotel also offers BBQ nights, Cypriot evenings, folklore shows and themed nights. There is also an indoor pool, children's paddling pool, sauna, tennis courts, video games and a gym, as well as the outdoor pool and Jacuzzi.

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