Visitor Information For The Disneyland Paris Shuttle

by Jasmine Cummings

The Val d'Europe Airports, otherwise known as the VEA, is responsible for the Disneyland Paris shuttle that runs between the airport and the popular resort. It is a convenient and simple way to arrive directly to one's destination, and is particularly useful when traveling in large groups or families. The regularity of the service further contributes to its advantages.

The service operates at regular intervals of 20 minutes in both directions. The schedule starts in the morning and ends in the evening, making travel planning as easy as possible when it comes to flight departures and check-in times. The three airports that operate the service are CDG, Beauvais and Orly. Valtry Airport also has a VEA service that stops nearby to the resort at three different hotel locations.

There is more than one stop available upon reaching Disneyland, including the bus station and then each individual hotel at the resort. This is very convenient when toting heavy luggage or extra group members. The CDG and Orly services run throughout the day. However, Beauvais Airport service only operates twice per day.

During peak season, you can find the shuttle running from as early as six in the morning. If you are flying from CDG or Orly, you should take the bus 2 and a half hours before you need to check in. If you are departing from Beauvais International, 3 and a half hours before check-in is the recommended time to use the service.

The official Val d'Europe Airports website sells tickets for the service online. However, tickets can also be purchased through a travel agent or the VEA desk located at each airport. In the event tickets cannot be purchased in advanced, drivers on the buses do sell tickets once onboard.

The price of a single journey disneyland paris shuttle ticket for adults is just under forty euros for adults. Children pay thirty euros. Return tickets are twice the cost. It is not possible to receive any special offers for the service.

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