What Destination Wedding Travel Agents Must Do

by Martina Garrett

Destination wedding travel agents are much sought after these days, and it's not just a passing fad. This sector accounts for a full 16 percent of all and it is worth $16 billion annually. Some places may in fact turn out to be cheaper than tying the knot back home, but it is not about money.

Thing is that the very thought of a ceremony in an exotic locale has the effect of making people cut loose, and it often encourages everyone involved to spend without inhibition. The travel agent's role at this point is not to squeeze every last dollar out of this cash cow, but to simply turn the couple's dream into reality. This is very different from suggesting a summer family vacation at a beach or at Disney World.

There are budget realities that place limits on the distance and type of locale that can be chosen. It's a complex issue to figure out which place is going to be convenient for guests to reach and at the same time capable of providing everything the couple wants. It should have a suitable venue and providers who can manage the ceremony, hotels, catering, flowers, reception and the honeymoon.

This might seem like a job for a wedding planner, and it is indeed easier if the travel agent can do this job too. However, it is better if there is a local planner who knows how to make things happen at the venue in question. This leads to the possibility that too many people involved in the planning may complicate things.

This is where a package deal comes into the picture. Luxury resorts the world over offer special wedding packages. They provide everything, starting with a venue and complimentary event planner provided with the package. The planner listens to what the couple wants, and puts the whole thing together.

Resorts on the beach can offer an open sunset beach ceremony or make arrangements for an intimate ceremony in a small chapel on the grounds. Ballrooms will be available for the catered reception, and the hotel's honeymoon suite will be decked up for the newly-weds. Guests tend to enjoy the experience a lot more, partly because they get the chance to have a free holiday.

There are other more exotic choices, including cruise ceremonies on an ocean liner out at sea. Another aspect that needs special mention is the increasing demand for a green wedding. In this case, the travel agent has to work even harder to reduce the carbon footprints caused by all the travel and hotel stays. Free carbon credits to balance Co2 emissions for all guests and a green-certified hotel and event venue are recommended.

In summation, destination wedding travel agents are not just supposed to provide a list of places and then book air plus hotel and car rental. They have to come up with a realistic plan and a place that has the potential to fulfill a couple's dream. This is an event with dozens or hundreds of attendees. It is important to follow up and make sure the client ends up happy and guests are well taken care of.

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