What to eat late at night in Spain

by Catherine McCulloch

Spain is one of the most coveted Mediterranean countries for their cuisine, and much of their social interaction with friends and family revolves around food. Holidays can be a great opportunity to try out new types of dishes. We've rounded up some ideal late-night snacks to sample when you're in Spain.

Dinner (or la cena as they say in Spain) is usually eaten between 9pm-12am, so it little later than what we're used to in the UK. The meal can be as simple as a sandwich or an omelette and a glass of milk. However, those with a sweet tooth will love churros, which are fried pastries that are similar to fritters or doughnuts. Fresh churros are served hot and sprinkled with sugar - delicious.

However, one of the most famous of all the Spanish dishes is tapas. Served on lots of different saucers, its the ideal meal for those seeking variety and is perfect to order alongside drinks when socialising. Today there are plenty of tapas bars allover Spain, although originally, the food comes from the city of Seville.

Instead of a hefty meal like we're used to, it's a series of snacks which promotes healthy portions. Perhaps its the petite portion sizes that make Mediterranean diets so popular elsewhere, or maybe it's because its such a great dish to share. However, you don't have to just have the traditional plates of food, and today throughout Spain can opt for international tapas, which is basically just small side plates of food. This is great if you want to sample different flavours or can't decide what to go for.

If you're in a large group, opt for a 'racion' of tapas, which is anywhere from four to six different dishes, great for sharing amongst friends or family. Usually these consist of cheese, ham, olives and a meat dish with a traditional sauce over it. This is a great way to order a variety of the traditional foods, and if you don't like it, you can pass it off to someone else!

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