What You Really Should Know About Toronto

by Craig Black

Though there are many gorgeous places to go to in Canada, no other city comes close to Toronto in terms of sight-seeing and grandeur. Toronto is easily the most populated city in Canada and is the capital of the province of Ontario. Toronto, with two and a half million subjects, ranks in at number five in the most populated towns in North America. If you include the Golden Horseshoe (the region of Southern Ontario that Toronto is a part of), you've got a whopping 8,000,000 people that call the Greater Toronto Area home! This is 1/4 of Canada's entire population contained within range of America's Great Lakes.

Toronto commands an exceedingly big cache in the worldwide financial sphere and for excellent reasons. The Toronto Stock Exchange is one of the 10 largest stock exchanges globally. The "Big 5" banks of Canada all call Toronto home and Bay Street, in the Financial District, is known the world over for having some of the most important agents on the face of the planet. With such wealth, it is little wonder that Toronto is one of the most pricey towns to live in within Canada. This high cost does have an upside, though, as Toronto is among the safest towns in Northern America when it comes to rates of crime. A lot of this has to do with the city's tough policies per gun laws but , in any case, the low prevalence of crime is far more extraordinary when one considers how varied the population of Toronto is.

Nobody nationality is dominant in Toronto, though people of EU descent (UK, Irish, and such like) make up just over half of the people. Virtually a quarter of Toronto is made up of Chinese and South Asian folk, and the fact is that Toronto is amazingly diverse and there isn't any real "majority". This is made even more obvious when one sees how multi-language the town is; though English is the dominant language, there are sufficient French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and plenty more foreign tongues that the emergency services may be able to make a response to over one hundred and fifty languages!

Toronto is about more than only business and multiculturalism, though. Travellers who visit Toronto consistently marvel at the fantastic sights contained within this busy burg. The Toronto Zoo, for example, is among the biggest in the world and contains nearly five hundred different animal species and over 5,000 different creatures! The much loved neighborhood of Yorkville draws visitors from all over the world for its very prestigious upscale speciality shops and restaurants.

For those with slightly less discerning tastes, the Toronto Easton Centre offers folks of more modest means an incredible shopping experience and, as a result, has become Toronto's most well liked traveller spot, tempting an astounding fifty-two million visitors a year! With all of the advantages of massive cities and barely any of the crime, pollution, or crowding, it is no surprise that people from around the world adore and treasure Toronto. If you have not begun to visit this Canadian wonderland, do yourself a favour and take a pilgrimage to the happiest place (north of Disney World, that's).

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