What You Should Know About Tipping At Hotels

by Shari Swanson

Tipping is an important fact of life when you are staying out of town and taking advantage of various establishments. They not only give the staff inspiration to provide above average service, they also let you express your appreciation. The following are the basics of tipping when in hotels Zion National Park.

If you want to entail the special services of the concierge for your stay, then tip when you check in. If a particular staff is with you throughout your stay, then you have the option to give it at the end of your stay. It is always good idea to show your appreciation to the people who are attending to you so your stay will be even more enjoyable.

It will be easier to carry a lot of small bills. This way you are ready to give the exact amount. This will also save you the inconvenience of rummaging in your bag for small bills.

There are those who have no tipping policies since they include this with the price of your room. In fact there are some who have daily fees for this. If you are using services that are not included with your stay, then they will probably expect you to tip.

Maids assigned to your room will differ everyday. Tip daily for maids and do not just leave cash in the room for them. To make it clear that it is a tip, address an envelope to them or write a note indicating the tip.

It is a good idea to give the bellman a tip based on the number of bags you have and how heavy it is. Tipping for room service is usually around fifteen up to twenty percent. If the concierge helped you out with your requests, ten dollars or more is a good idea.

Note that a tip is given in the name of good service that you have received from . If you think that the whole experience was a disappointment, then do not leave a tip. Never let an aggressive personnel push you into giving tips that are not deserved.

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