Why Not Fly Clear with Clear Me?

by Brent Neenan

Since the tragedies of 9/11 there has been a global push to increase airport security to help guard travelers. Agencies such as the TSA were devised to aid in the facilitation of a safer environment for everyone. However with upgrades in security came longer wait times and more anxiety in the flying process. Clear Me was a service that was shaped in order to help reduce wait times at airports while still maintaining the high levels of security put into place allowing people to fly clear of some of the stress of today's modern traveler.

Though Clear Me was established in 2003 it went out of business in a matter of years even with 200,000 plus customers. However; it's been picked up again by new investors and is beginning to pop up in terminals around the country again. By honoring old memberships; they hope to match and surpass expectations into the future.

Seeing as Clear Me is evidently a security measure not everyone can just sign up for the service. In order to qualify for Clear Me; an individual must provide several pieces of personal information. This includes multiple forms of government ID, submitting to a fingerprint and iris scan and pass a LexisNexis background check. After saying yes to the annual fee and complying with all the rules a subscriber is issued a biometric card to present at particular checkpoints and fly clear of .

The way Clear Me works it by the use of biometric ID cards and iris scans to authenticate the identity of the passenger. When the card is presented at specific checkpoints an individual can expect to reduce their travel time by as much as 30 minutes. Although the potential appears promising the business did in fact tank only a couple years later simply to be picked up again in 2011. It's still in argument whether the service is worth the money.

No matter what the future holds for Clear Me services it's clear that Clear Me serves a double purpose. It helps to safeguard the integrity of security at airports while creating a way to more systematically run; the security process. Don't be a fool and pretend you enjoy standing in security lines; think about Clear Me so you too can of the burdensome lines at the airport.

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