Your Key West Beach Wedding, Capture The Moment With Professional Photography/Video

by Peter Estenoz

"A pictures worth a thousand words" you've heard this expression, it applies to all occasions in our lives, especially to your wedding day, as you have dreamed of this day all your life. Reading magazines, looking at pictures and getting ideas on your vision and dream of the most important day in your life. You've taken notes, putting down on paper how you want it all to occur. The date is written in stone, and with keen anticipation you contact your wedding vendors, lining them all up, play close attention to your wedding photography and video, your keepsake to take home with you! Although you'll see the location, embedding the vision in your mind and heart, feeling the warm breezes surrounding you, how will you share this with your family and future children when they ask you to see photos from your wedding? Expressions like "Oh I wish I could have been there!" or questions like "What was it like?"Were you nervous?" "What did you wear?" "Did you get married right there on the Beach?" "Did you see any palm trees?" This would be the time to share with them the photos and video of your wedding day.

If you think: "I have a friend who I invited to the wedding who will take photos for me or shoot my video." Please consider, you invited this friend to share in your joy, why have them shoulder the responsibility of capturing your wedding photos? They should be there to relax and be your guest, and you should hire a professional to photograph and videotape your wedding. This advice we give you especially with a destination wedding, you'll want to hire someone familiar with the beautiful surroundings and back in your photos. If it is an experienced professional wedding photographer they will know how to set their cameras and flash to capture the beauty, not only of the two of you but also what is surrounding you. Is the equipment being used ready? are the batteries charged up? is the memory card formatted? is the camera lens clean? and most important do they know how to use the camera? When you go and process the final product and see the results does it make you cry happy tears, or shake your head and weep, knowing the emotional moment is gone and can never be repeated?

When considering your wedding video, this is a timeless treasure, will the introduction invite you to view more, will you hear the audio of the ceremony? Will you hear the loving whispers between the two of you? With an off-camera wireless microphone you will. Will it be a steady shot? is a tripod used? Are you able to feel the emotion you felt on that day again and again?

Consider what care is taken to preserve this moment in your lives. On your yearly anniversary, you'll want to recall and revisit where you took your vows, whether it be in your wedding photos or video or better yet both! Choose a professional company compatible and knowledgeable with each other, you'll be glad you did, so the finished products will compliment each other in approach, style, and artistry.

Whether it is an elopement your planning with just the two of you, or the social event of the year with friends and family present to celebrate with you, time will age these memories and loved ones you hold dear, what care have you taken to preserve moments in your life you'll want to relive, and share with your children and grandchildren, before they fade beyond recognition.

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